Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike: Day 2

This blog post follows on from Tiger Leaping Gorge Hike: Day 1 

After a good night’s sleep, leaving the Naxi Family Guesthouse, we made our way up the notorious ’28 bends’, 28 switch backs higher up the mountain. 28 bends and about 3 hours later we arrived at the Tea Horse Guest House (茶马客栈 chá mǎ kè zhàn) in Yacha Village (牙叉村 Yáchā cūn) for a little lunch.

After tea and lunch at the Tea Horse, it was another 2 hours, this time mostly level, walk to Bendiwan Village (本地湾村Běndìwān cūn).

We stayed at the Half Way Guesthouse, with deteriorated and patched up floorboards it felt like it was about to fall over the cliff…but the view from our room was pretty amazing, and we would have had a great view of the fall 🙂

After another good sleep (thank goodness for the electric blankets in these guesthouses these days) we left for Day 3 of the hike, click to carry on reading. Or follow in our family’s Mandarin learning journey on our Facebook page Mandarin Motion 

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