Easy Song Finder

I have set up this page to make it easier to find the songs that your kids may be coming home singing!  A song we are singing at the moment may have been posted a while ago.  So see if the song titles below sound like anything they are coming home singing, and click on it to find the lyrics!  Most posts have a link to a video to see the song.  If I have not been able to find a public video to link to, my kids have made (amateur!) videos to most, just so that  you and your kids can hear the song and sing at home!  Check often as songs will be added to the list as they are posted, and our home videos will be added as we can!

Colour Song (The first one we learn)

Colour Song (Basho and Friends version)

Counting Backwards Song

Counting Number Rap  (YoYo Chinese)

Dancing Song (Make a circle song)

Follow Me Song Get Up and Move Song (Groovi Pauli)

Getting Dressed Song

Going Up Going Down Song (Groovi Pauli)

Goodbye Song (Basho and Friends version)

Happy (Mandarin Version of Pharrell’s Happy)

Hello (How are you?) Song

Hello Song (Basho and Friends version)

Hokey Pokey

Little Good Rabbits Song

London Bridge

Morning Exercise Song

My Face Song

Number resemblance rhymes

Open Shut them (the doors)

Pull the Turnip Song

Scissors, Rock, Paper Song

Sesame Street Hello Song

Sorry My Chinese is not very good song (Transition)

Three Jelly Fish sitting on a rock song

Ten Little Friends (Indians)

Trash Can Song (Groovi Pauli)

Two Tigers Song

Where is my friend? Song

Wiping Bottom Song

Yummy Fruit Song (Groovi Pauli)

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