Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time 26th July 2017

Little kids it’s the deep ocean for this story time!

We will read 大海里我最大  (dà hǎi lǐ wǒ zuì dà) ‘I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean’

This is  a great story for hearing how to use comparatives and superlatives in Mandarin, in a really funny story!

We will sing our 3 Jelly Fish song again (click on link for words, same tune as English version) this will get us singing our important 上 and 下 (Up and Down/On and Off etc) words!

And also sing this new lovely song ‘Time to Swim’ while we do an under the sea dance!  We don’t have a link to this song anywhere, but Aurora played it on the keyboard and sang along so that we could upload for you to sing along to at home!  Sorry, we didn’t have the tools to make a great sound recording!  But better than nothing!  We might record our dance of it this week to upload! Lyrics below:

海狮海豚海马水母   海狮海豚海马水母  游啊游,游啊游,多么逍遥, 游啊游, 游啊游,乐悠悠

hǎi shī hǎi tún hǎi mǎ shuǐ mǔ, hǎi shī hǎi tún hǎi mǎ shuǐ mǔ,yóu a yóu , yóu a yóu , duō me xiāo yáo , yóu a yóu , yóu a yóu , lè yōu yōu

Sea Lion Dolphin Seahorse Jelly Fish,  Sea Lion Dolphin Seahorse Jelly Fish, Swimming, Swimming, how free, swimming, swimming, happy and in the moment!

Here are some of our little ones doing our Under the Sea Dance 🙂

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!!!!



画了一匹蓝马的画家 ‘The artist who painted a horse’

This week we will read 画了一匹蓝马的画家 ( huà le yī pǐ lán mǎ de huà jiā) ‘The artist who painted a horse’ by Eric Carle. The children can guess what crazy colours Eric Carle has painted his drawings 🙂

We can also sing a new balloon song.  Here are the words, you can sing to the tune of ‘My darling Clementine’.

Hóngsè qìqiú huángsè qìqiú

球, 球,

wǒde qìqiú zhēn piàoliàng


lǜsè qìqiú báisè qìqiú

绿 球, 球,

bié rang qìqiú fēi tiān shàng

别 让 上。

Literal English Translation:
Red balloon, yellow balloon, My balloon very beautiful,
Green balloon white balloon, don’t let the balloon fly to the sky.
Song originally sourced from ‘Better Chinese’, lyrics changed to reflect better environmental practice 🙂