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Welcome to Miss Donna’s Mandarin learning blog!

My kids in the moment in rural Shaxi, Yunnan Province, China

My kids ‘in the moment’ in rural Shaxi,
Yunnan Province, China

This picture shows how I feel learning journeys should be for kids!

I hope the stuff on this site can help parents continue their children’s Mandarin learning journey at home, and even make it a family learning journey!

There is a lot of stuff on this site to share!  On the home page, only the last ten posts will display.  Click on the  ‘older‘ at the bottom of the page to see previous posts.

You can use the search option at the top of the page, or if you still can’t find what you are looking for, to speed up browsing through posts please use the categories.  Please note categories should be on left side if viewing from a computer, but may be at the bottom of the webpage on a mobile device.

If you are trying to find a song we are learning in class, and not sure of the name, you can browse through songs easily by clicking on the song category.  Remember only the last 10 song posts will display, you will need to click on older at the bottom of the screen to browse through more.  OR go onto the ‘Easy Song Finder’ Page and there is a list of songs with links to the page.

The categories Parent Tips and Mandarin Learning Tools have lots of useful posts to help you learn Mandarin, or help your children learn Mandarin.

If you have a child in one of my pre-school /transition / year 1 classes , you can click on these categories to find out news of what might be happening in class.

My Family category has been set up for the things we are doing at home as a family to learn Chinese.

I will probably add more categories as the site develops!

Hope it is useful for parents, students, and other teachers! Please comment if you find something useful, or let me know if there are any mistakes or forgotten references etc!


Miss Donna



One thought on “How to use the blog

  1. love your work miss Donna, hearing my little girl walk around the house singing ‘let it go’ is just beautiiful and testament to your teaching.

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