Mandarin Motion’s new signature for our videos!

We like to integrate all our learning with our everyday needs.  Aurora is loving experimenting with all kinds of video making at the moment, and has noticed that many videos, from tutorials on YouTube, to full feature films, have some kind of signature at the beginning…so she set out to make one, and I asked if she could make one for our Mandarin Motion videos that we make so kids can listen to songs at home.

We looked at other signatures, and decided we needed something little kids might find cool, that also told a story about who we are.  So she set to work in her animation lab…an iPad supported by books to keep in place…and her drawings …

She came up with a ‘Rooster and Two Pigs Productions’ (based on our team’s Chinese Zodiac signs).  A cool little project that allowed us to cover some media arts outcomes and gives us an awesome signature to put on our Mandarin Motion videos in the future 🙂  Here is what you will see on our videos from now on:

Well done Rooster Aurora 🙂


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