Mandarin Motion: New Logo!


I have designed and created my own new logo!  I am not a media person, so sorry to any marketing designers out there who may cringe at my efforts!  But for the purposes of expressing what my passion and philosophy is for my venture, it’s not bad 🙂 signature logoI feel learning a language is organic and integrated into the everyday motion of life, it is a journey in constant motion and not separated from any other subject.  I also use, and get kids to use kinaesthetic sign gesture and body movements as it helps their brain to network the new sounds and words, so the motion in my name and logo is quite significant!

I have used the kite, as it is a thing that soars through wind energy, again capturing the image of motion and an invigorating journey, and the kite is also a Chinese tradition!

Learning a language uses ‘mind and matter’, so much communication is expressed from body and things and environment: physical matter. It sounds so sciencey, and kids are negotiating everyday through their physical environment, they love exploring and learning through Matter.  Matter is also used so often in the term of ‘what matters’, or what’s important to us, and my philosophy is to teach a language doing ‘what matters’ to the learner, whatever interests them, otherwise it has no meaning.

Finally, the Chinese character at the centre of it all means movement/motion.  All very significant to my philosophy and passion of teaching Mandarin!