Individual Reading Programs


Mandarin Motion can offer individual Mandarin Reading Programs for children in Brisbane/Moreton Bay area.  We have a variety of readers/texts/story books to cater for every level and interest. 

Each program is individually catered to age, level, interest, learning style and motivation for learning.  Whichever pathway we choose together for your child’s individual needs, we can create a course of complimentary learning activities to give your child the skills and confidence to enjoy reading in Mandarin!

Along our journey we will be introducing lots of tools, technology and strategies for ‘learning how to read Mandarin’ as well as the actual content! Read about the benefits of learning how to read Chinese in this blog post article.

Such a program would be suitable for:

·         Students already attending our Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time sessions who show a motivation to want to ‘read’ Chinese  OR
·         Students who are already attending Mandarin classes at their school, and would like an additional reading program, whether to boost confidence, explore other material, expand their character knowledge, needing skills for exams, needing skills to help remember characters, needing guidance in accessing tools to aid their learning, maintaining Chinese in school holidays etc. OR
·         Students who prefer to study alone, or in a small group, at their own pace OR
·         Students who are ‘bookworms’, and who like solving puzzles!  Chinese characters are like a code waiting to be cracked! OR
·         Students who have had no previous exposure to Chinese, but want to start by learning Chinese through reading, at their own pace.

Contact me to arrange a visit to our learning space and library, see our books, and a chat about how we can take your child on a Mandarin Reading Journey! If you want to learn more about me and my qualifications click on this about me link.

See below for some examples of our reading sets, texts and story books for all levels and interests.  Browsing these in our library can hep you and your child make the right course decision. We have DVDs, songs, games and puzzles and activities to write into your child’s individual program as they meet new grammar and vocabulary. Cost is inclusive of all individual program preparation, and includes tips and guidance for parents to help with family/independent study between each of our sessions.

Cost:            $60 per hour one on one sessions
$80 per hour for two students (must be at same level working on same program)
$90 per hour for three students (must be at same level working on same program)
$100 per hour for four students (must be at same level working on same program)

Time:           Convenient time arranged with each student/group of students