Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time Wed 18th Jan 2017

A story all in English this week, but a lovely story to open up conversations with your little ones about the experiences of many children in China.  Often one or both parents of children in rural China must travel to the big cities for work.  Because this is usually a very long journey, parents will only get to see their kids once a year, when the whole migrant working community of China returns home for Chinese New Year celebrations! It is common for children to be raised by grand parents while their parents work away.

Here is the link to the Chinese New Year song we have been learning:

新年好呀   新年好呀  祝贺大家新年好    我们唱歌   我们跳舞    祝贺大家新年好

xīn nián hǎo ya    xīn nián hǎo ya       zhù hè dà jiā xīn nián hǎo      wǒ men chàng gē      wǒ men tiào wǔ     zhù hè dà jiā xīn nián hǎo

Happy New Year, Happy New Year   Wish everybody a happy new year    lets sing   lets dance     Wish everybody a happy new year

See you Wednesday!

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