Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time Wed 11th Jan 2017

NB.  10am little group only again this week

We will read 棕色的熊棕色的熊 (zōng sè de xióng zōng sè de xióng) ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’.

Then children can be one of the animals in the story, and listen out for when we need their help to 拔萝卜 (bá luó bo)  ‘Pull the Turnip!’  Sing along to our Pull the Turnip song like usual, but replace the bold with the animal you want to come and help pull the turnip!  (We previously have substituted the children’s names). Below the video are the lyrics, and below the lyrics are animals in the story that we will replace as we sing the song.

拔萝卜    拔萝卜

嘿哟   嘿哟   拔萝卜

嘿哟   嘿哟   拔不动

小紫猫    快快来


Bá luóbo bá luóbo
Hēi yō hēi yō bá luóbo
Hēi yō hēi yō bá bù dòng
Xiǎo zǐ māo kuài kuài lái
Kuài lái bāng wǒmen bá luóbo

Pull the turnip, pull the turnip
Hey yo hey ​​yo pull the turnip
Hey yo hey ​​yo it won’t move!
Little Purple Cat, come quickly
Come quickly and help us pull the turnip

小棕熊,  小红鸟,  小黄鸭,   小蓝马,  小青蛙,  小紫猫,   小白狗,  小黑羊,  小金鱼,  小猴子,

xiǎo zōng xióng, xiǎo hóng niǎo, xiǎo huáng yā, xiǎo lán mǎ, xiǎo qīng wā, xiǎo zǐ māo, xiǎo bái gǒu, xiǎo hēi yáng xiǎo jīn yú, xiǎo hóu zi

Little Brown Bear, Little red bird,  Little yellow duck, Little blue horse, Little frog,  Little purple cat, Little white dog, Little black sheep, Little gold fish, Little monkey.

See you all Wednesday!

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