YoYo Chinese

If you are wanting to learn conversational Chinese, but not wanting to enrol in a university course, this set of online videos might be a great course for you to follow.  The host Yang Yang, has a knack of explaining Chinese for the western mind to follow easily!  The beginners conversation course eases you into how to pronounce the syllables and tones, and gets you saying lots of Chinese!  So if you don’t know how to read the pinyin words to the songs on this blog, after watching a few of Yang Yang’s videos you will be a master of pinyin syllables and tones and will be able to sing along with your little one. (Your little one will tell you if you are still not getting it right 😉

When you subscribe, as well as the beginner conversation course, there are a set of grammar videos (great for uni students who can’t quite get what their text book is on about!), Chinese learning tips videos, Chinese on the street videos, and now an Intermediate level conversational Chinese series.

I subscribe because I love to see how Yang Yang explains things, it helps me to be a better teacher for my older students.

I would recommend it as a beginner Chinese course, better than any text book series.  And if you are only after conversational skills, better than an on-line university course, you don’t get a lecturer 24/7 at your finger tips on an on-line university course!