Fruit creations this week! Song and Story Time Wed 7th Dec 2016

Here are some ideas and some of the language we will need for our OLDER kids activity this week.  We will plan a similar activity for little kids soon!! We will be reading about pet dragons in our little class!

Students can make any face/ animal out of fruit like this caterpillar :


The language they could type on this picture could go something like this…

我叫苹果奇异果毛毛虫   The pinyin needed to type these characters is :  wǒ jiào píng guǒ qí yì guǒ máo mao chóng,

Double check that the right characters have come up in the candidate list!   This kind of sentence we can type just states the fruit and the animal  ‘I am called apple kiwi caterpillar’.  So you could pick any fruit and any animal, or animal face to do this.



The above picture has been made to look like a particular character, Elmo! So for this fruit face we could type something like this on our picture:

我叫西瓜黄瓜胡萝卜蓝莓艾摩 You would need to type the pinyin in as: wǒ jiào xī guā huáng guā hú luó bo lán méi ài mó

Careful to make sure the right characters come up!  If you have trouble seeing the strokes on the more complicated characters, copy them and make them bigger in a word program, so that you can make sure you have typed the right characters!!! This sentence uses the name of ‘ELMO’ in the sentence, which is 艾摩 ài mó in Mandarin.  There are several character pronounced ‘ai’ and ‘mo’.  So for example if you type this ‘mo’ by mistake 魔 this means ‘devil’, so you probably wouldn’t want to have this character in Elmo’s name!  So the whole sentence says ‘I am called Watermelon Cucumber Carrot Blueberry Elmo’.

So you can use any animal or any character.  The quickest way to find out character names in Chinese, is to look up their Wikipedia site in English, and then ask to read the page in Chinese.  I can show you this in class!

You can add speech bubbles in your picture so it looks like your animal / character is talking, like this:

我叫苹果尤达 (wǒ jiào píng guǒ yóu dá) 'I am called Apple Yoda'

我叫苹果尤达 (wǒ jiào píng guǒ yóu dá) ‘I am called Apple Yoda’

Do a few google fruit face ideas before you come to class, and bring the fruit you need to make it.  I will have some things available to use, but I might not have the particular fruit you need!  Don’t forget to download a photo writing app like the one we looked at in class last week before you come to class.  If you don’t, you can just take your picture before you eat it, and we can work out what you need to type in at home! See you in class!

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