Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time Wed 28th Sept 2016

We may ‘Pull the Turnip’ with the littlies this week!  Here is a pik of my kids (at front and back!) pulling the turnip in a story time class many years ago…can you recognise them?!


Here is a video of the song, but we will just substitute the animals names with the children’s names to come and help ‘Pull’!  Lyrics are also below.

拔萝卜    拔萝卜

嘿哟   嘿哟   拔萝卜

嘿哟   嘿哟   拔不动

小花猫    快快来


Bá luóbo bá luóbo
Hēi yō hēi yō bá luóbo
Hēi yō hēi yō bá bù dòng
Xiǎohuā māo kuài kuài lái
Kuài lái bāng wǒmen bá luóbo

Pull the turnip, pull the turnip
Hey yo hey ​​yo pull the turnip
Hey yo hey ​​yo it won’t move!
Little Kitten, come quickly
Come quickly and help us pull the turnip


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