Mandarin Motion Update!

We are STILL undergoing the required renovations at my home to create a learning space for kids in our local community to have some fun in Mandarin!

Plans, approvals, scheduling contractors…all taking time…but this week things are IN MOTION…underneath our house is now mud with a mountain of old concrete rubble to be taken away, ready to restump and re concrete and frame our new space!

With no official classes, not much action on this blog.  But we are still sharing our family’s Mandarin Motion moments on our Mandarin Motion Facebook page!  So go check it out, LIKE the page, and you will get learning tips and ideas, teaching tips and ideas whenever we post!

You can find out about these lanterns we made for Chinese New Year:

Or about how we learn Mandarin in Motion…

So go check it out! Mandarin Motion Facebook page!


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