2014 Term 2 – Exploring 上下

In our preschool and transition classes we are learning a new song ‘3 Jelly Fish’.  I sometimes do this song when we do a sea theme, but this time I have used it as a springboard to explore 上 (up) 下 (down).  You can see the lyrics to the song on the 3 jelly fish blogpost.  In the song the jelly fish jump off the rock, and jump back on the rock.  Here is our pretend rock and sea to sing the song in class!

Our 3 Jelly Fish rock and sea for our song!

Our 3 Jelly Fish rock and sea for our song!

Over the weeks I will be reading stories and singing songs that have 上 and 下 in them.  After learning the song for the first time this week, I have already had a few students make connections to previous stories and songs that we have used 上 and  下 in!  In  a few weeks I will make a post of all these connections, so that we can see lots of other ways that we can use 上下!

A great song that we will be learning to reinforce this, is the Groovi Pauli ‘Going Up Going Down’ song, which you can watch by clicking on the song name!

If you want to have fun at home, make some Jelly Fish, a rock and a bowl of water, like the one we have in class, and you can act out the song with your little one.  Talk about making the jellyfish out of waterproof materials so that they don’t go soggy and rip!  We used plastic bowls and cut up plastic shopping bags for tentacles.  You could also talk about the correct disposal of plastic bags so that we don’t hurt our Jelly Fish in the sea too!

I don’t have a link to a video, as I translated this song myself. The more we sing it, the more they will be able to teach you the right way to sing it!  I will try and make a video of my kids singing it for you soon!

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