Getting fit- Kondalilla and Mt Ngungun

We are doing really well exercising every day, but Sundays are our day to do something longer or more challenging. Didn’t wanna drive too far today, and some of our favorite walks that aren’t too far away we’ve done so many times that they are not that challenging to us anymore.  So we decided to do the Kondalilla Circuit, 4.7 KMs down to the waterfall and back up, have a bit of brunch, and then climb Mt Ngungun on the way home.

Kondallilla circuit was an easy but lovely shady rainforest walk to start our Sunday morning. Kondallilla is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘rushing water’, and the falls were really flowing today!

It’s mango season, so mango and bananas were our fueling refreshments along the way.

After a bbq brunch, and a coffee for us and iceblock for kids in Montville, off to Mt Ngungun for our climb.  At a peak of 235m, when Kathmandu will start us at 1300m, it’s not exactly altitude training…but the closest we are going to get to it here 🙂 It’s only 2.7km up and down, but a good climb, and in midday 33 degree heat it’s a good cardio workout. More cool refreshing mangos when we got back down to the bottom.  Its geography and Aboriginal links can be explored at the visitor center at the start of the Glasshouse Mountains in Beerburrum. The info on the leaflets though seemed to be very ‘white male explorers historic notes’ oriented…so our plan is to try and find some indigenous perspectives of the area, as this climb will feature a few times over next few months I think it would be good to learn a little more about the mountain’s history.

But for today, nice views of the Glasshouse Mountains, good exercise, and a lovely outdoors in nature way to spend a Sunday with the family 🙂

Australian Curriculum Outcomes

As we explore the history of Ngungun, a few outcomes from the HASS curriculum:

Pose questions to investigate people, events, places and issues
The diversity of Australia’s first peoples and the long and continuous co nnection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Country / Place (land, sea, waterways and skies)

year 5/6 Health outcome:

discussing the importance of social support and a sense of belonging in promoting mental health and wellbeing

Yeah we do this yr 5/6 outcome all the time…

Participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact regular participation can have on health and wellbeing

As we are getting into the routine of daily fitness, kids will be working on a program for us, so we are building up to this yr 7/8 outcome :

designing and monitoring a personal fitness plan that proposes realistic strategies for maintaining fitness, health and wellbeing

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