Mandarin Motion Song and Story Time Wednesday 5th October 2016


吧有手放里面 (ba yǒu shǒu fàng lǐ miàn) ‘You put your right hand in….’

Students will get the ‘把 (bǎ) construction’ naturally drummed into them through doing a simple Hokey Pokey, a grammar concept that text book students struggle with no end!!! I love teaching grammar without kids knowing it!

Older students will also 玩游戏 (wán yóuxì) ‘play games’ to get talking to each other in Chinese and learn a well known song that will introduce them to the concept of ‘measure words’ in Chinese…another everyday use of Chinese that we just don’t have (much of anyway) in English. We will learn kinesthetic gestures for all our new words and practice our kinesthetic music reviews!

Little kids will enjoy this story to find that adventurous fish in Mandarin:


and probably Pull the Turnip which we didn’t get a chance to do last week!!! And lots of other songs that the kids are now becoming familiar with!!!!

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