Mandarin Motion Song and Storytime Wed 4th Jan 2017

NB. No older group session this week, just the little kids at 10am 🙂

Hope you are all rested ready for the New Year!

Because it was requested again at our last session, we will read 小金鱼逃走了 (xiǎo jīn yú táo zǒu le) ‘Little goldfish escapes’.  For parents,  you might here the word 走 (zǒu) lots!  It means ‘walk’.  But, it can mean ‘go’, and even ‘run’, and when paired with a compound verb can have a meaning of ‘away’.  You may have heard me say it around class when I want the kids to walk!  You may have heard it when we read ‘Go Away Big Green Monster’ and the kids had to say 走开!(zǒu kāi) to make the monster ‘Go away’.  In this story the fish escapes 逃走 (táo zǒu), meaning ‘escape’ and ‘away’, kind of meaning escaping by running away.  Now you can listen out for the many other times we might say 走  (zǒu) in our class!!!!

And we are going to hear it again in a new simple song we will sing this week that we can simply do some ‘movement’ actions to.  The kids would have heard these lots in our other movement songs, but this time they can just focus on the actual word as they do the action. We will include this song for a few weeks, and soon we can get the kids to play some games with these words, or have our own mini Olympics!  The words to the song are below.

Move 动 dòng
Walk 走 zǒu
Swim 游 yóu
Fly 飞 feī

Move 动 dòng
Climb 爬 pá
Run 跑 pǎo
Jump 跳 tiào
Stop 停 tíng

See you Wednesday!

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