This week in the primary school

In the primary classroom we are learning Mandarin at a phenomenal rate! Don’t worry if your kids are coming home not quite perfecting one song, yet trying to teach you lots of unperfected songs! I introduce kids to lots of classroom phrases and lots of different songs, they may seem unrelated (un ‘themed’) like traditional second language learning…but don’t worry! The kids pick them up and naturally make connections. It is more meaningful for students to be exposed to a variety of language, rather than focus on mastering one set of words before moving on to another set. Here are some links to some of the things we are learning …

potato head

We will use this song  ‘Where is my friend?’  often to play finding objects to nouns we are learning … Enjoy the song as it is, as it is a very well known Chinese song!  But we will use it lots to substitute the word ‘friend’ 朋友 for any noun we want to find!  This week it’s Mr Potato Head’s face parts!

While we have been learning to ask ‘where’ things are (在哪里?zài nǎli?) we have been enjoying  ‘Where is the teacher?’ song. Future learnings from this song are up, down, outside and inside, and of course negation with 不, students are already understanding these, and will be reinforced and connections made in future lessons!


Miss Donna


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