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Below are some links to what we are learning in class, but middle (and senior) students are also encouraged to browse this blog for songs that the primary kids are learning too, they are fun, catchy, and help us to remember so much Chinese!

As well as our MYP question, we have been busy learning a little about stroke names and order – check out the Gong Fu Gary videos for the basic strokes, here is the first one but you can find lots more on the Groovi Pauli channel!

We are practicing our tones and syllable sounds…use this pinyin chart to hear the sounds and see video explanation for those tricky ones.

We’ve also learned a new hello song, lots of useful vocab that the students can link to as they make their Mandarin learning journey.  All the words are on the video for you, just sing along!

We’re also learning how to add Chinese keyboards…depending on your computer/ software it is a little different.  But basically in the control panel there should be a language section, sometimes called ‘clock language region’, in there you want to ‘change keyboard’ and then ‘add a language’ .  You will see that there are lots of Chinese keyboards to choose from, you will need to choose Chinese simplified, PRC, and PINYIN input method.  When you OK this, you will see on the bottom right of screen, a EN ( for English) which means your keyboard is on English input. If you click on that you will have the option to change to Chinese input.  Add this to your devices at home and practice typing Chinese! Your computer will always default to English upon start up.

Students are learning how to type numbers one to ten to practice using the Chinese keyboard.  It’s so easy and soon we will be setting up our blogs and typing away in Chinese!

The first characters that we need to learn how to recognise and write by memory are numbers 1 to 10.  Click on the characters below (numbers 1-10) to see how we write them.

Chinese Vocabulary


*Click to generate your own vocabulary.

Happy writing!

Regards, Miss Donna

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